United Kingdom
United Kingdom Education System

The UK is located in the north Western Europe and it comprises an area of 242,900. The official spoken language is English. The capital of United Kingdom is London and the currency is the sterling pound. Popular cities in Uk are London, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Glasgow. Time taken from India to United Kingdom is 9 hours by flight.

Why Study in United Kingdom ?

Education from United Kingdom is affordable and of high quality and it is internationally recognized. The institutions in UK are consistently ranked among the bests in the world. It also has a vast experience of hundreds of years of education. The courses offered by the universities are shorter and intensive. There are over 130+ universities from which one can choose from. Facilities provided in UK are excellent and world class academic facilities. There is a huge spectrum of subjects offered by them. It is also a popular destination for Indian students. Students can do a part time job of 20 hours per week during studies for degree courses. For diploma courses, they can do 10 hours per week of part time job during studies. And a full time job of 40 hours per week during holidays. Students are offered scholarships and bursaries. It provides discount facilities as well. Students are offered courses with paid internship. Courses are updated annually as well. Admission process in UK is very easy and process for the visa is easy as well. In UK only IELTS is required but admissions are possible without IELTS also.

Top Universities of United Kingdom
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Cambridge
  • Cardiff University
  • Durham University
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Exeter
  • University Of Glasgow
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Liverpool
  • Newcastle University
  • University of Nottingham
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Queens University Belfast
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Warwick
  • University of York
  • University College London
  • King’s College London
  • Imperial College of London

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